Friday, June 26, 2009

Food sources.

Ok, so the whole egg thing, a complete failure, but worry not my friends, there turns out to be another food they just adore. Dog food. That's right folks, the ducks like dog food. The dry stuff of course.

When eating dog food it is the only time I have seen them remotely aggressive to each other. So I don't give it regularly for a few reasons; 1. Dog food is for dogs, not ducks, and as such the protein levels may be different. Too different. 2. They don't need a food source that causes aggression toward one another on a regular basis. That would be bad parenting on my part. 3. They need to be bribed somehow!

On a completely unrelated note, in the pictures I have posted you can notice a small badge like coloring on the wings. This badge, it changes color when you move around! It looks blue, green and purple, it's great! It is like they have their own mood wait...mood wings! Hahaha, many was that corny!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eggs...eggs my foot.

So I have read in several places that ducks like eggs that have been hard boiled, and served with the shells. I tried this, and I have found that to not be the case. Who am I to say the experts are wrong, though.

Fact is my ducks, the fine feathered hooligans they are, do not even care one bit about eggs, the shells, or anything else to do with them. I will, for posterity sake, keep trying to feed them eggs and see if maybe, one day, they will warm up to the idea.