Monday, September 21, 2009

T-minus two days until the surprise.

Ok, so in two days, give or take (Wednesday) I am going to do something special with the ducks. This is secret, tip top-utmost-only a few people know-I shall say no more-secret.

Until this momentous event I will supply the world with the latest round of pictures. I do hope you enjoy.

I love this picture. They are deceptively similar in size. However this is an illusion, Conner is actually 64 feet tall.

This one is a bit blurry, and I am not sure why. I blame the ducks and the fact that they are as fast as lightning...

These two are of Conner and me. I am petting him, and trying to get a pine needle out of his bill. If you take note Sally is in the background giving a less than pleasing eye. It turns out little miss prissy does not, and I repeat DOES NOT like being held. In fact she sent me a legal document saying as much.

Also, one other note, if you will notice, attached to my face. Those are chops, glorious, beautiful chops. Gentleman, do not be jealous. They are just chops. You too can have them.

Right, so this one...well, you be the judge. (I am aware that I will[inserting corny joke beware...] that I will be the butt of many jokes after this.)