Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was recalling the weeks I have had the ducks, and I can't remember the exact number, but it is in the lowest double digits you can count. Maybe 12, but like I said, I can't remember.

Like I said, I have been recalling. The ducks are big, so big in fact. If you look back at the first of the pictures I posted you can see the big stuffed platypus we had for them. Yes? Ok, good. Conner and Sally make that thing look little.

When I say we have full grown ducks I mean it. Fun stuff is though, what they do as these full grown balls of feather. You know how in Batman the Joker is the Clown Prince of Crime? Well Conner is the Clown Prince of Fouls. Everything, and I mean everything is an outlet for him to ham it up. He will waddle out of the bushes and come up to you and then waddle off. If you walk away he will follow you like he is playing a game of shadow. When you stop so does he. When you move he moves. If you turn and look at him he will turn and look like he is Leslie Neilsen in Naked Gun, and is pursuing someone in the most comedic way he can.

This is unending. Conner is a clown.

Sally...she is not. She acts as if the world is hers and that all others should be thankful we are allowed to share her air. She will step up high, flap those wings, and pretend we owe it to her to watch in awe.

Of course neither pays the other's antics any mind, but neither will move more than 10 feet from the other. They are very close companions, and as when they were ducklings, Conner protects her, and Sally follows cautiously.

I think the magic of evolution is how animated they have become. The world is their stage, and these two are certainly co-staring as Elizabeth Taylor(young and pretty not old and crazy) and Jerry Lewis.