Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day: What day are we on, again?

OK, so it has been a few days since an update. Tut tut on me, for shame. Starting a blog to keep people up to date, and I can't even update!

Now, all blaming aside, the ducks.

These two are growing so fast! Conner is still bigger, but only marginally, at best. Sally, where I once assumed would be the eater, has proven that she, is more akin to a grab and dash type consumer. She will eat everything she can get her fill of, that Conner is not going to eat. However I would not say she suffers from malnourishment by any stretch. She is very lively and very healthy.

They are growing more accustomed to being held though, as I do try to hold the every night for at least 10 minutes a piece. Sally still shows great trepidation, but she will eventually allow it to happen (much like a little kid will allow his hair to be cut for the first time.) Conner, though, he is very used to being handled and were it not for his protection of Sally I think he would enjoy it much more than he lets on. But he protects her, and that is fine with me.

Oh, before I forget, there is a pecking order, and like many would assume it is, or was decided by age. I caught Conner chasing Sally about the other night literally pecking at her tail feathers. (I see now where the term originated).

Next order of business, size, and smell.

Ducks stink, and this grows as they grow. I don't think it is them, or their waste so much as it is the food I feed them, and the brooder(house) they are in. We are using large wood chips for warmth and traction so as not to cause splay foot. This is a grand idea for one problem...they are spilling water from end to end of their little abode and soaking the chips, stuffed platypus, teddy bear, and food. All of this in combination is causing a very dank and musty odor. Nothing deadly, or vomit-inducing, but it does greet you at the door with a smack in the nose. Still, we happily move forward.

They are getting so much larger as well! I can no longer hold them both in one hand, which says something for their size considering I have very longer fingers. Nope, they no longer fit, in fact they are now to the point that it is one duck per hand. It makes things more tedious when transporting them, but I don't mind. I like the challenge.

Um, let's see, what else. Oh! Conner nips fingers, a lot. I am trying various nipping punishments, or discouragements so this ill not become a hazard when he becomes an adult.

I think that is all for now, if not I will post it next time I log in.

So until then, from me and the ducks, good night nation, and dare we quack...world...

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