Friday, May 1, 2009

Day: 4, The New Idea

Ok, so these guys are filthy. Not in the putrid, smelly I don't want to own you sense. Rather they are like all babies. Mess making, helpless, yet lovable web footed feather balls.

First off this morning rolled in like a shrill horn with Conner alerting the heavens that Jeremy needed to be up at 4:30. He needed water. Why water, you ask? Because he and his sister decided that covering their floor in it was a much more important matter of business than actually drinking it. Good morning Jeremy!

This afternoon though an idea happened upon my mind, though. The plastic tub we are using as a brooder has many options, and many friends similar in size and shape, each waiting to help me. So I took charge of this water loving situation and made a pool for the kids to play in while inside. They love it, as shown here,

and here,

It is a smashing hit!

The two of them can now be transported a matter of inches to a constantly reheated pool. A veritable lap of luxury! Spoiled rotten...

Now the whole need for this little transfer of power was that they were, like mentioned previously, filling the wood chip filled home with water, making it a sty. I am raising ducks, not pigs, so there is no room for a sty here. In fact I just spent 20 happy minutes cleaning and dumping, washing, and refilling the dry house. In it's prior condition I dare say with an oxygen tablet we could have invited the class fish for a sleep over. So needless to say the ducklings had to be uncomfortable. So I accommodated.

I hope to report tomorrow that the ducklings are living dry, and wet, but at two different times entirely.

On a side bar, these guys are drinking as much water as they are spilling. I am seriously contemplating the use of the large water bottle in place of the smaller one.

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