Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day: 1

Yes folks, the actual day, the first day of the rest of our lives, as the old adage goes. Today we came home, the ducks and I. They were stared at heavily by my niece who absolutely refused to pet one, but demanded I hold one.

Before we left we took the ducks out at school, sadly no pictures of that event, but we do have this beauty of the post swim lazy ones.

I have a few other pictures of today, but I have had no time to put them up because the new caretaker had to coach a soccer game tonight(Shameless plug, we tied the 1st place team 1-1!) So I have not had time to properly sit down and post the pictures, yet.

But to other issues at large, the ride home, new behavior in that home, and fun!

The three of us are still working on bonding, and they are still quite timid of me, and shy of everything. Conner has come to me once, while Sally is playing things defensively and that's fine. They will come around. I think all the excitement of the day got to them. Which is to be expected.

They are causing a lot of heat in my room though, but that's fine, it's a heat lamp, and I expected as much.

Tomorrow I plan on taking them out for a bit to romp in the grass, and to have quiet time together, so they become accustomed to me. For now though, I will sit with them, and let them see me, and rest.

Good night all, and cheep cheep from the ducklings.

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