Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day: 3, and The Pond.

Today I introduced my niece to waterfowl in their semi-real habitat(aka the paint tray). I noticed a few things while I watched her. She has several trains of thought when it comes the the mind of a two year old, and ducklings. They are as follows;

- Since ducks enjoy delicacies such as clover and slugs they will most certainly enjoy sticks twice their length, giant rubber balls, and the stalks to dandelions.

- Baby ducks should be able to catch aforementioned giant rubber balls.

- Baby ducks should never be outside of their water tray.

- When outside of their water tray they should immediately be escorted back into said tray.

Of course I corrected the things she thought was right, but were in reality quite preposterous, aka the giant rubber ball.

Other than that the day was far from eventful, and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of those sort. That's fine, uneventful means growth is according to schedule, and the ducks are growing well.

Now on to another item of mention. Many have asked if I have a pond for the ducks, and that answer is yes. I have two ponds. Nothing huge, but for domestic ducks who needs a huge pond right? Right.

So here are some pictures, though now that I take closer look they are not shown in reference to size. The dimensions are 10 ft in diameter, and 4 feet deep. It will be stocked with an algae eating fish or two, and is close to completion with a circulation pump[ running through a water fall. Shown here.

The main body of water is shown in a semi overhead shot here.

The idea is to find a place for the ducks to safely enter and exit without becoming too tired and endangering themselves. There are a few possibilities, and these will be modified as the remaining work progresses to completion.

So for the masses, I hope this eases the many thoughts. These bits of feathered fun will have a place to swim happily. (Plus a garden to mingle for afternoon lunches of slugs, bugs, and other such creeping multi-legged nuisances.

Now for sleep, the kids have crashed, and so shall I. Goodnight world.

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