Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a quick post.

Ok, so two or three things.

First, remember when I said the ducks cussed me up one side and down the other for herding them into their house that first couple of nights? Well I went out two nights ago, and they were already in the house, and waiting for me to shut the door. Last night was the same! Wonderfully smart ducks!

Next, the small barrier fence I was keeping them in is now moved, and they can roam the full backyard at their discretion. Yes I will get photos this weekend for you all.

Finally. We all recall how distraught I was about Conner's sex. Well world I just came in and my heart is lifted. I spotted a dark streak on Conner's head, I assumed water. Sally has the same thing, but smaller. This caused me to probe more. Conner's color is darker in every aspect. Darker browns on his wings, and tail. Darker coloring on his face and neck. And the spot. That wonderful, beautiful spot! I picked him up, and gang, that spot, or streak rather is green! It is not wet feathers. It is, rather, green coming in on his head! Conner seems to be a boy!

Ms. Aslinger, there will be no more need to buy ducks! (I hope)

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