Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts of the Miscellany (Oh yeah it's a word) variety and Movies!

Finally, now for your viewing pleasure, videos! Please enjoy, then I will ramble on endlessly about such things as Hobo hideouts, covert presidential espionage, and if we have time, chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, and of course chocolate sprinkles. Ok, this video, it's old, it's basically day 1 stuff here folks. These ducks are seasoned veterans compared to this rookie behavior.

This next video, it's more recent. It's a real juxtaposition of thier sizes then and now. Oh yeah, the little dandy girl you will see in this video is Olivia, she is my niece, and pal. We love the ducks, and aside from myself and Josh (but come on he is my twin for crying out loud, of course he can!) she is the only one who can successfully tell them apart.

I returned all of the things that belong to Ms. Aslinger today, and what did I do right after school? I'll tell you, I went out, bought a bag of food (50 lbs), a heat lamp, bulb, and feeder for them. Now I am officially all set for life with ducks!

Aside from that, there isn't much to talk about, oh, except for the other day, Sunday I think. Conner was swimming about the pond, and paddled his little self over to the side, laid his head on the rock, and stared at me. We had a staring contest; I won. I don't think he knows who he is messing with.

Their feathers are coming in much more now, and if the weekly status reports, and timelines are correct one of them should start laying eggs in a couple of weeks, and they should both start flying in about a month. When I say flying I mean trying, because all indication are that their little domestic wings will not support flight.

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