Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 8+ The taming of the Duck.

Boy how time does get away from you! But I am back and I sure have missed you guys.

First off, a brief of what we will be discussing; I have a few anecdotes, news, and relieving instances to discuss, plus pictures! Not just the normal run of ducks running pictures, but I am also holding them as a frame of reference.

The stories, anecdotes, etc.

The other night, our latest in large storms, and loads of rain, I forgot to put the ducks up in their little home. I look out the next morning and they are in one of our other small ponds butts up diving for muck on the bottom. It was hilarious!

Next, these two have taken to eating sand. Why I don't know, it is never expressed in anything that it is part of their normal diet, or used for a digestive aid, but those two decided it was quite useful or tasty. There is a picture below.

They can't stand going up at night anymore. In fact we argue about it regularly, with them hiding in bushes and quacking, and me brandishing a long wooden staff used as a shepherd's rod. They quack, I of course unable to let sass slide, back talk back, and there we are, three loud, and raucous conversation 10:30 at night.

Conner is still bigger than Sally, and she may never catch up. But what do I know.

I am afraid my last report was in error, Conner's head that was turning green hasn't turned very green, and he/she still looks like Sally, head, feathers, wings, everything. We might have two girls. Who knows, I am obviously terrible at this duck sex calling thing.

Wings. I held Conner the other day, and today and his wings are so big! They say the wings are smaller on domestic makes me wonder, are they right, or how large do their wings get in the wild!?

And now for pictures.

In these first two the ducks are eating sand from one of those high and mighty turtle sand boxes.

These first two are of me holding Sally. (That's Josh in the back ground) And yes for all those who know me, and haven't seen me in a while that is a haircut. Where it was once a mass of follicle fury it is now a nice trimmed summer cut. Still this is Sally and this is how big she has gotten.

These final two are of Conner and he/she is being very gentle(after trying desperately to run away) He was content when I was petting his neck and head.

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