Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of ducks and houses.

This post will probably be further amended, or maybe retooled soon. I have things to say, to add, but no pictures to show with my words. So if it's true and pictures are worth a thousand words...then this post will be forever long. But that is why I will further add to it.

Now, to start, this weekend Camille and I decided enough was enough and the ducks needed a place to live, outside of the cozy plastic container I have them in at night. So we did something about it. We built the ducks a house, one that you will see soon enough. It is still rough looking for I have been unable to paint the poor thing due to all of our wonderful Tennessee weather. Everyone on the count of three; 1...2...3...Go weather! (That's sarcasm folks). Still we barely beat the torrential rain of the evening by mere minutes, and luckily too, as the ducks were very up in arms over this whole rain debacle, so we put them in their new home. I know what you are all wondering, and yes, we had to miss the christening of the cozy abode for more pressing matters.

Still if any of you wish to send house warming gifts have them delivered to Homestead Elementary c/o Jeremy Conner...second thought we better not. I wouldn't want the ducks getting a big head over being ducks. Lord knows they are arrogant and aloof enough as it is.

Ok, so on to the main point of the post: the house. I took plans from a great site I have linked to the right of your screen, called The New Agrarian. He built a style of home I found to my liking, and function. With it's design I was able to place a small housing for the heat lamp that I will install for they long winter nights. It is on the back side, near the peak of the roof, in a corner. So they have room to move away from said heat lamp were it to get to hot for their liking. There is plenty of space for them to stretch their wings out on the inside. I also added shingles so they wouldn't be jealous of the other ducks we don't have living around us.

Spoiled rotten, I'll just confirm that now.

You will also notice a small window on the lower portion. This is so they can sit and watch the weather from the comfort of dry lodging. It's also to tease whatever vermin might be lurking about.

I also have ventilation on the top corners and one corner actually opens via a hinge I installed.

The house is not set directly on the ground, it is lifted above it by two 4x4's running the length of the house for support, and to keep it from absorbing copious amounts of water.

Now, to get the pictures taken tomorrow so it won't all be an enormous tease.

Until we speak again, the ducks and I bid you adieu.

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