Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weeks 3-4, and possible gender confusion.

Ok, I have taken some more pictures, but only a few. A few because I am doing yard work all day and it's impossible to mow, and blog at the same time. Not that I wouldn't try, assuming I had a laptop.

But I prattle. I only have a few, I still need to paint it, and clean it up somewhat since I was so pressed for time last week, because of rain. However I hope to do some of that cleaning, and spit shining today.

Also in these pictures I took some duck close ups so you can see the feathers. They are brown, and plentiful under and on the wings. This concerns me for Conner. Does anyone remember the song, A Boy Named Sue? Well this is looking to shape up like the exact opposite. I know, I know, just change his name cries the audience. But is it so easy I ask. These are ducks, not puppies. Puppies can bend, and remain flexible in their names, but ducks (admittedly this is my first set) seem far more aloof, and more set in their ways, so springing a name change on them could be a major problem, especially when they recognize the names they have.

For example, last night we did a trial run on living outside, and they seemed irritated at me this morning. Cute duck eyes had a glimmer of disdain in them. I think Sally spit at me. Not that I don't deserve it, but they have to get used to it eventually, because I am not putting them in diapers so they can live indoors. That's all there is to that.

Now, for pictures.

In this one I am showing the little window they have to look out into their world at night. The next few pictures are either close up shots, or complete shots of the little area we have made for them from different angles. For everyone waiting on the edge of seats, here you go, injoy them wholly, and without worry.

As you will see in this one, the ducks are getting quite feathered on the sides, and the head feathers are now starting to develop right along making me concerned about our Girl named Conner issue.

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