Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Day

I know it's wordless Wednesday, but I have not been able to follow that edict...almost ever.

So here is what happens.

I took the precious ducks to the school last week, and I will admit to my epic failure in getting pictures. I assumed this task would be easily handled. I was wrong. I failed to take into account that I, as the duck owner, would be the ring leader of this circus. It was my main duty to hold while 80+ kids took turns alternating between complete fear of Conner nipping them, or petting his head.

The great thing about this all was the excitement they all had with the ducks. Many of the kindergartners this year were from my class last year and they loved it! A great many others enjoyed meeting Conner and Sally for the first time. The teachers there marveled in the sheer size of the ducks compared to the tiny little balls of fluff they were when they last visited those many months ago.

I am currently trying to get pictures of the ducks on their first day in the public eye, and I will get them, Ms. Aslinger took several, Josh took a few from my camera, and Ms. Shannon took some as well, all I need to do is compile them.

Now, a note on behavior. Ever since I took Conner and Sally to school I have noticed some things.

- Sally is more irritated by my presence than ever. She simply can't stand my picking Conner up, or trying to pick her up.

- Conner has grown more accustomed to my holding and petting him, and runs away far less than before.

- Conner bites a lot more now, maybe in play, maybe in aggression, of yet I am unsure.

- Conner loves to chase more now as well.

To this end I must bid you all farewell, I have games every night and must ready myself for such events.

Until we meet again, consider this pictureless Wednesday.

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  1. I just wish I could have been a fly on the wall! That would have been quite a sight!