Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I haven't posted in a really long time, and I had a fair amount of pictures I may get on here and post soon. Until then I have bad news.

Saturday one of my dogs go a hold of Sally and pulled her through an opening she found in a fence. She was trying to drink his water, he was acting on K-9 instinct. Sadly I found her a short while later dead in his dog house, neck rung. I assume the events happened how I said because there was a fair amount of feathers by this whole, and his water bucket was there. Either way, we have lost Sally, who has recently been laying with regularity and Conner was fertilizing.

Conner has not taken it well and I am very worried about him. I can't find a straight answer on the definite mating habits of male Rouen ducks. This concerns me greatly because he seems to be grieving himself to death. I am in search of answers and another female Rouen for him, but am afraid I won't find the answer soon enough.

If anyone knows of info, or has experience in this matter, please help, for Conner.

Until I find an answer let's have a moment of silence for our friend.

Also, parents reading this, if you still are, do not tell your kids unless it is a lesson about death and grieving, because I don't want them to know.

For now I must care for my boy,


  1. Awww Jer, I`m so sorry to hear this.

    As far as I know ducks, unlike geese, do not mate for life. I`m sure he is greiving her loss since she was his only companion. He should come around when you find him a mature duck or two to keep him company.

    Keep us informed of how Connor fares will you?