Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spotty Speckled Rock Disease: AKA: Tadpoliosis.

I went back out yesterday as the clouds and rain left and went crazy with the camera. I took pictures of everything blog related, sixteen pictures of Conner which will be posted in the next couple of days, nine of Freya, also to be posted, and then nine of these little darlings friends we have found. More during the gallery:

As you can see here with our first image the sun was playing shadowy tricks off the reflection of the water. Darn you beautiful sun and all your shiny happiness. What I will draw attention to is the black liner and the spots. These spots are some of our little swimmers.

Again the sun and its capturing of the terrible shadowy figure playing paparazzi to these tadpole film stars.

These next images are from when I decided to move with some sort of success and snapped several really close, mostly zoomed in, some dangerously reckless leaning over centimeters from the water tactics, and other methods a complete rookie like myself would use to get a shot in. In honesty they came out like I wanted, and they show a lot of the swimming little city I was hoping to get. Its like watching a live action version of the Snorks.


  1. Wow! Those are some pretty tiny tadpoles! Any worries about birds eating them? Why are you waiting on the fish?

  2. Nope, no worries about birds. Conner has kept the backyard pond area fairly clear of that sort of riff raff.

    And if we bought a fish now they would eat them which I don't want. That would suck.

    We are thinking though that we may pass on the normal fish, bream or minnows, or what not because of Conner who will eat or pick at them, and are looking into those sucker fish that you get for fresh water fish tanks that skim the bottom only and ignore everything else. Mostly because they do excellent work, aren't territorial and are so easy to care for.

  3. Very cool photos Jer! I`m amazed Connor hasn`t eaten all the tadpoles.

  4. I am too Feral, but he hasn't even tried getting in the pond for some reason. I honestly am at a loss for why, too. However I have seen a few down feathers floating in this morning so I think maybe he ventured a trip in.