Monday, September 12, 2011

Hmm....sad days.

Ok...this pond has become an uber-fiasco...over the past year of not blogging about it, I have had to drain and redo it countless times. We have bought a plethora of fish that have all died, all the while my babies have lived peaceably. Until we added on to the new section...then Pam died after being trapped and starving...then I thing a massive bull frog ate Jim....then the other day I found my favorite, my wonderful Dwight here I am, 15 fish, myriad pond attempts, and some angry days later giving you guys the heads boys and girl are gone. I will post all sorts of things over the coming weeks to show progress, regress, and whatever else I have.

If one thing comes from this that is cool...when they died they dried like seashells, so I have let them sit and dry in the sun then applied lacquer to them for posterity...


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  2. You lacquered them?! Oh, Jer, we have to talk!

  3. Yes I did! And I am proudly unapologetic for that! And Dwight was enormous, 18 inches long, and as far as Plecos go, that's like being Andre the Giant...sure others are as big, or maybe bigger, but not many. Looking back I should bronze him.

  4. Ha ha ha! I've missed seeing what you and Freya are up to!