Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truncated photo gallery

Here are a few pictures of Freya and me and other things. And the pond, and the fort.

This is the pond jerk that has made me so angry.

Coco and Freya being pals.

Freya and my niece on the fort...yes this thing is so big we are using a hijacked trailer truck unloading ramp as a means of getting on it.


  1. Why are you making the fort? That thing is huge! That pond has really evolved into something cool, though, but I'm not sure I get why you call it the pond jerk.

  2. Because of its consistent need to leak, the pumps to break, the fountains break, or, even worse, every fish I've had die. Sure, none of it may have been the direct fault of the pond, but by proxy it has angered me.

    And the fort is for nieces and nephews and future children. And yes it is huge.